“[Sun Eyes’] soulful synthesizer unwinds your eardrum and makes you feel miles away from the world”

Translated lovingly from Japanese:

It is too bad that I cannot feel that aroma from the album jacket at all. What is that aroma?
It is, of course Neo-Soul.
Idesia once had been a curtain raiser for Moonchild and now shows their transition in style from Neo-Soul to Soultronic (Soul x Electronic) in this album. Although I do not have artistic understanding, if I hear the beginning number #1 “Nu” with a spiffier jacket, the reaction to the music would be different. After all, this jacket does not match with most of numbers in the album. It is too bad. Because “Nu’ gives full power of Idesia style.
#2 “Away” may give a different impression by individual taste; I felt the aroma of “Columbia Night “ , which offers the high quality music of soul and electronics combined.
#3 “Where are you” shows the blossom of modern funk based on the body of groovy neo-soul. It gives me good vibrations.
#6 “ Sun Eyes” gives you a gentle melody and vocal like sunshine through the tree branches. Soulful synthesizer unwinds your eardrum and makes you feel miles away from the world. It is smooth and fades out nicely.
#7 “April Love” is Neo Soul that makes you feel the influence of D’Angelo (esque?) and Badu~Jill Scott.
#8 “Back and Forth “ is a tasteful number combining Hip-Hop and organic soul and scattered with electronic sounds. The early style of Texas based Strange Fruit Project and J Dill crossed my mind in this number.
I really think this is a good album and come to thinking of hearing more response for this album.
P.S. On its Jan. 29 issue, Nu-Soul Magazine will bring up “Golden Dream” on the magazine’s website.